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Right from the Start - The Book

Right from the Start Fifth Edition
Printed in 2002, 68 pages (1.86MB)

Right from the Start - Fifth Edition

It happens to everyone at least once — you think you’ve put that job to bed only to get a last-minute call from your customer service representative explaining that your files don’t print. Your graphics are in the wrong format. Your fonts are missing. Or your PDF files are improperly prepared. Thoughtful planning from the beginning of your project can save time and money in the end as your digital files glide through prepress production. And it’s easier than you think!

Right from the Start can dramatically enhance your success in preparing digital files for print production. Inside you’ll learn how to:
  • Prepare page layouts that lead to error-free output
  • Choose the right scanning resolution
  • Resize graphics without compromising image quality
  • Use fonts correctly and intelligently in your page layouts
  • Set spot and process colors to separate properly
  • Mark proofs clearly and accurately
  • Submit files in an organized manner
  • Understand color management and monitor calibration
    And more!

When you’re ready to get serious about meticulous digital file preparation, Right from the Start will guide you from beginning to end.


Copies of the fifth edition of Right from the Start are available at no charge to LSC Communications customers and their compositors.

  • LSC Communications customers, please contact your sales or service representative.